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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Harry Edward Styles fact

HEHO Directioners :)

Now, we wanna post about the boy that --> Afraid with Roller Coaster. Love Cat (&me :P). The youngest member. Ahh you got it! Harry Edward Styles. Here comin'.. (>ˆˆ)><(ˆˆ<)

  • Before One Direction, Harry used to be in a band called 'White Eskimo' that ever performed at a wedding in June 2010 :3
  • His mother is called Anne, he loves her so much♥  and his  sister is Gemma
  • Harry can speak French. wow J'taime Harry ˘)ε˘`) haha XD
  • He can play the kazoo, wanna play with us? ~(‾‾~)
  • He doesn't like reading
  • Same like Niall, Harry talks in his sleep
  • He shaved a 'H' into Zayn's leg hair when he was asleep. lol haha 
  • He is very ticklish (✿◠‿◠)
  • Harry once paid Niall £20 to make him a sandwich. Niall took the money, made the sandwich, then ate it himself! ahaha naughty Niall -_- (¬_¬)--o(_)
  • He wouldn't date a girl that smokes or swears a lot. so pick us pick us, we dont smokes hiii :D
  • He kisses on the first date, hmm Harry ckck
  • Harry's shoe size is ten and a half. waduuuh gede aja ː̗̀(,̖́
  • Harry has soft hands! hmm wanna touch wanna touuuuch 
  • Harry said he would pose naked at some point to OK! Magazine. hmm -_- just naked for us harry :P
  • When he was ten, he was attacked by a goat! haha
  • He says he doesn't understand why girls are attracted to him. hmm bacuser your.. your.. Unexplainded :3
  • Harry's star tattoo on the side of his arms has 5 points for all the members in One Direction. cooool <3
  • He has Ophidiophobiam, which is the fear of snakes
  • He loves Zayn's cheekbones! haha so do we :)xx
  • Harry once ran through a train station with only his boxers on! uuu sexy (*^^*)
  • Harry is the biggest game-cheater out of everyone in One Direction
  • The boys say Harry is the smartest in the group. great!
  • Harry likes to take food of other peoples plates! hmm Harry ga boleh celamitan! (^_^;) 
  • Harry said he would date a fan! i beg you harry 
  • Juggling is one of Harry's hidden talents. Cool :)xx
  • Harry's favourite film genre is action/adventure
  • Harry had his first kiss when he was 11
  • When Harry was younger his hair used to be straight. hmmm -_-
  • He once applied for a job as a lifeguard
  • Harry does not like mayonnaise
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